LBF Application Process

Study and pray over the documents (listed below) to determine whether or not you (and your wife, if applicable) can be happy and productive servants of Jesus Christ within the doctrinal, biblical, and procedural expectations of LBF for its chaplain families. Give particular attention in this application examination to the Doctrinal Statement, Biblical Guidelines, and Covenant. At this time, LBF does not currently endorse women for the chaplaincy.

If you would like to apply to Liberty Baptist Fellowship to become a chaplain, please follow these instructions and allow 3-4 weeks to complete your application.


As you take your first steps, please carefully read the following documents before filling out the application.


You will need to submit the online LBF Chaplain Application. As you complete the application process, the following is required:

  • Pay the non-refundable $125 application fee at the bottom of the online application.
  • Submit the following documents by mail to the address below or submit these documents digitally using the “Attachments” section at the bottom of the online application.
    • Transcripts of your undergraduate and seminary training
    • Copy of your diploma from college and seminary (not applicable to Seminary Program candidate)
    • Copy of ordination certificate (do not send original)
    • Letter of recommendation from the pastor of the church where you are now a member, or if you are the pastor, from an appropriate representative of the church.
PO Box 4313
Lynchburg, VA 24502
434-238-4626 or 434-592-7649


Upon endorsement all LBF chaplains and chaplain candidates are required:

  • Sign up for monthly withdrawals of $30.00 for chaplains or $10.00 for chaplain candidates and volunteers.
  • Complete the semi-report in January and July.
  • To attend the LBF annual chaplains conference or another faith based conference if unable to attend the LBF conference (does not apply to candidates).

If you choose to mail the documents above, they should be sent to:

Dr. Steven Keith
Endorsing Agent
Liberty Baptist Fellowship
PO Box 4313
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Discovering a Higher Calling

Soldiers are at the Heart of a Chaplains Ministry. Chaplains serve the spiritual needs of sailors, marines, and airmen as well as caring for the soldiers’ families.